Dr. Aleksandr Vorontsov, head of the Korea and Mongolia department at the Oriental Institute and member of the PIR Center Advisory Board, often visits North Korea and maintains long-term contacts with North Korean experts. During his recent visit to Pyongyang in October 2016, he held meetings at thr...

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“The PIR Center raised our awareness of historical and contemporary nuclear issues. We also learned about nuclear non-proliferation concerns, as well as next-generation conventional weapons that can potentially offset the delicate nuclear balance. My colleagues and I were honored to listen to lectures by distinguished guest professors that have first-hand experiencing in dealing with this topic, including those who represented the Russian Federation at top-level nuclear negotiations. The two-month course that we took was intense, but the knowledge and memories that we gained were well worth it”, – course leader, M.A. student Andrew Korybko.


“The thing that sets the PIR Center School apart from other educational programs is the highest level of preparation and organization of the educational process.  Particularly it is evident when we talk about participants of the School, who have demonstrated deep understanding of the material,” – Arseni Sivitski, Director of the Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies, participant of the 2014 International School.


"The course is defined by its high-level orientation to applied questions on disarmament, nonproliferation, and security. The course content is filled to the maximum with the most current information. I would also mention the all-around presentation of materials – a combination of visual aids and lectures. The discussions also had great meaning. The students and experts came across as true professionals in their fields,” – Ivan Zolotukhin, Director of the principle educational program “International Relations

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PIR Center holds 16th International School on Global Security — 2016, September 24 – October 2 02.10.2016
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Vorontsov Alexander image
Name: Vorontsov Alexander
City: Moscow, Russia
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Head, Korea and Mongolia Department, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Biography :

Holds a PhD in History. He is a senior staff member at the International Center for Korean Studies at Moscow State University and a visiting professor at Osaka University of Economics and Law. From 2000 to 2002, Vorontsov worked at the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang (DPRK). His current research includes contemporary Korean history, Korea in international relations. Vorontsov has participated in a number of international conferences on Korea-related topics and is the author of over 150 publications. PIR Center Advisory Board member since 2013.