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Name: Van der Meer, Adriaan
Affiliation: Executive Director of the International Science and Technology Centre
Biography :

Graduated from the Law Faculty of the State University of Leyden (The Netherlands). Received PhD from the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium). He started his working career at the Ministry of Agriculture in The Netherlands dealing with EU related issues but also with questions regarding the integration of environmental objectives into the national agricultural policy. In 1988-1995, he worked on agricultural matters as Secretary of the Biotechnology Coordination Committee (BCC) of the European Commission. In 2002 he was posted as Head of the Delegation of the European Commission in Cyprus. Later he worked as representative of the European Commission to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan from 2005 to 2008 and was among others co-responsible for the implementation of the new strategy of the EU for Central Asia.



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Dealing with high-risk materials and technologies has the potential for inappropriate and unauthorized use. That is why the human factor is a key element of an effective nonproliferation regime. The article appeals to further develop aculture of responsibility among scientists, engineers, and instit...

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