The conflict in Syria has entered its third year. It is posing an increasingly serious threat to international security. Reports are coming in that chemical weapons may have been used on the battlefield. If these reports are true, the use of WMD is turning the Syrian conflict into a veritable war of...

Russia, however, is well on track in terms of resources and technical capacity to meet the CWC deadlines. It is obvious that the Russian policy goal is to fulfill CWC commitments (witness the numerous statements to that effect by foreign and Russian officials, as well as the successes already achie...

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“We cannot exclude the situation when Damascus would have to recognize its defeat and having nothing to lose might use the chemical weapons as the last resort. This however, will bring only temporary relief for the regime depriving it from all the international support it enjoys. Nevertheless, the recent cases of Iraq and Libya where the governmental forces even on the brink of collapse have never decided to use weapons of mass destruction seem to be in favor of a scenario where Assad’s regime will restrains itself from such a move," - PIR Center expert Alexander Plugarev

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Name: Plugarev Aleksandr
City: Petrozavodsk, Russia
Biography :

Participant of PIR Center Summer School 2009. Postgraduate student at Moscow State Institute of International Relations MGIMO (U) of the MFA of Russian Federation. Graduate of Petrozavodsk State University, Department of Political and Social Science, with a major in International Relations. Research interests include: chemical weapons, CWC, international aspects of realization CWC in Russia.