Over the recent years, Myanmar made several steps on a winding path of economic and political transformations. The government made a bid on opening of the national economy in order to attract foreign investors, and this strategy resulted in impressive investment boom. However, the experience of seve...

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“Russia needs to develop a comprehensive strategy of presence in Southeast Asia. Nuclear cooperation serves as one of the most optimal directions in which to focus on the economic benefits and on the solution of strategic problems and security issues.  This area of cooperation between Russia and countries of the region may contribute not only to solving the energy issue, but in the long term could become a lever for the development of constructive cooperation in other spheres,” – Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations in the School of Regional and International Studies of the Far East Federal University, Ivan Zolotukhin.


“Close and somewhat unique cooperation between Russia and Myanmar in the military and technical sphere and in education creates a favorable environment for a large-scale investment and trade cooperation ... The wait-and-see approach which the Russian business adopted towards the investment rush in Myanmar two years ago, to some extent, was reasonable and justified. However, the time has come to take a more proactive stance in order not to pay a very high entry cost a few years later,"­– PIR Center Intern Olga Skorokhodova.


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Skorokhodova, Olga N. image
Name: Skorokhodova, Olga N.
City: Moscow, Russia
Biography :

Olga is a Ph.D student in the history and theory of international relations at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History. During the 2012-2013 academic year, she spent as a Fox International Fellowstudied at Yale University, at the MacMillan Center for International and Regional Studies. Olga participated in the PIR-Center International Summer School on Global Security in 2013. Her research interests embrace the energy politics and security policy in the Greater Middle East and Southeast Asia. Olga speaks Russian, English, French and Spanish. She has been an intern at PIR Center since October till December, 2013.