PIR Center conducted an interview with Professor Mustafa Kibaroglu, Ph.D in International Relations, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences at the MEF University in Istanbul, a PIR Center Advisory Board member. We discussed the possibility of exporting U.S. nuclear tec...

Interview with Evgeny Buzhinskiy, a retired Russian lieutenant-general, Ph.D. Military Sciences, chairman of the Executive Board of PIR Center, about the first successful test of the new intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 Sarmat on April 20 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome.


Yesterday Russia tes...

Interview with Evgeny Buzhinskiy, a retired Russian lieutenant-general, Ph.D. Military Sciences, chairman of the Executive Board of PIR Center, about the first combat use by Russia of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile at the ammunition depot of the Ukrainian army in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.


For what ...

PIR Center conducted an interview with Nikolay Spassky, Deputy General Director-Director of the International Activities Unit of the state Corporation Rosatom. We discussed aspects of Russian-Iranian cooperation in the framework of the JCPOA negotiations, as well as the prospects and priorities of ...

For nearly a week, for the first time in nuclear history armed conflict has been underway in a country with operational nuclear power plants, thus creating the potential for catastrophic damage to these nuclear facilities with the real risk of radioactive contamination that could easily be transpor...

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PIR Center Advisory Board

Yesin, Viktor I. image
  • City : Moscow, Russia
  • Affiliation : Colonel General (retired), Senior Researcher, Institute for US and Canadian Studies
  • Expertise :
    START Treaty
    Missile Defense
    Nuclear disarmament
Biography :

Colonel-General (ret.), Candidate of Military Sciences, Prof., PIR Center Advisory Board member. Graduated from the F.E. Dzerzhinski Military Academy and The General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces. In 1959 started working in Military Forces. For over 40 years, worked in the Soviet/Russian Defense Ministry's agencies. In 1998-2002 chief of the Russian Security Council Administration. Formerly, Сhief of the Strategic Missile Forces General Staff. Research interests: reform of armed forces, strategic stability. PIR Center Advisory Board member since 2002.

Zagorski, Andrei V. image
  • City : Moscow, Russia
  • Affiliation : Director, Department of Disarmament and Conflicts Regulation, Center for International Security, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO)
Biography :

Doctor of History. Leading expert in European security and Russia's relations with NATO and European organizations such as the OSCE, the EU, and the Council of Europe. Also specializes in post-Soviet studies, arms control, and Russian foreign policy. Participated as an expert of Soviet delegations at several meetings held under the framework of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). Was there at the beginning of independent, non-governmental research in the area of weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation and arms control in Russia. Active in research, consulting, and teaching; associate dean for research at the Russian Foreign Ministry's Moscow State Institute of International Relations 1992-1999. Author of more than 200 publications that have come out both in Russia and abroad. Very experienced publisher and editor. PIR Center Advisory Board member since 2014. 07/14

Zulkharneev, Albert F. image
  • City : Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Affiliation : Rossotrudnichestvo
  • Position : Deputy Head of the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo - Russian House in Bishkek
  • Expertise :
    Nonproliferation of nuclear weapons
    Foreign policy of the Russian Federation
    International security policy of the Russian Federation
    Сivil and expert diplomacy
  • E-mail : [email protected]
Biography :

Since December 2021, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo - Russian House in Bishkek. In 2019 – 2021 Deputy Head of the Projects’ Department at Executive Office of the All-Russia People's Front (ONF). In 2007 – 2019 member of staff in PIR Center. PIR Center Education and Training Program Director, PIR Center Executive Director in 2013-2015. PIR Center Director in 2015-2019. Consultant to PIR Center in 2019-2021, then Advisor to Director of PIR Center. In 2015 – 2020 Research Fellow at the Center for Global Trends and International Organizations, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Graduated from PhD studies at the Faculty of World Politics and World Economy of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics. In 2008 graduated with Master degree from the International Relations Department of the Ural State University and got Master degree in History from Central European University (2007, Budapest, Hungary). In 2003-2005 participated in international courses of Farsi language and literature. In August - December 2011 scholar of the Program for teaching and research at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.  Participant of sessions of the Preparatory Committee for the NPT Review Conference 2012-2013 and 2017 - 2020 and the 2015 NPT Review Conference. The organizer of the PIR Center International School on Global Security, the programs for improving professional skills of Central Asian specialists, the course on global security of the international session of the youth forum "Seliger",  the joint educational course of the PIR Center and MGIMO "nonproliferation of WMD" and a Dual Degree Master’s Program in Nonproliferation Studies (MGIMO - Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey - PIR Center). Member of PIR Center Advisory Board. 12/21

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