• Affiliation : Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the CNS; Payne Distinguished Lecturer at the CISAC; Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution
  • Position : Deputy Minister
  • Affiliation : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
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US Regards Russian ABM Test As a Threat To American Space Systems


 “On April 11 Russia cautioned against flights above the Laptev sea. On April 15 the US Space Commaned declared that Russia had tested a DA-ASAT missile capable of killing satellite on low orbits. The US military points that the test is inseparable from Russian inspector satellites activities near the US spy satellite KH-11, which took place this February.” - this is the leitmotiv of the 521st issue of Yaderny Kontrol.


“There is broad support across US agencies and in the US Congress for extension of New START. There is also widespread public support for New START extension.  In the current state of bilateral relations, it is the only major policy step President Trump can take with regard to Russia that would be welcomed by (most) leaders in both major parties.  At the same time, there is a strong ideological current - exemplified by John Bolton and Senator Tom Cotton - that opposes nearly every existing or potential treaty, and which continues to have an influence on the President’s thinking” – leading Russian and American experts discuss the importance and the Future of the New START.


Anatoly Antonov and Rose Gottemoeller call for extending the New START: “... New START’s demise would also send a dire signal to an international community reeling from a pandemic. Predictability in military affairs is of particular importance at this moment. As the world’s biggest nuclear powers, these two countries have led the way in constraining nuclear weapons and technology for five decades. Now more than ever, it is essential to ensure that a nuclear war that cannot be won will never be fought. At a time when the world needs strength, confidence, and a spirit of cooperation to recover from a pandemic, the United States and Russia can help lead the way. There would be no better way of conveying this message than the extension of New START.”

“Real threats of the weaponization of outer space are on the rise. The window of opportunity for proactive action is narrowing. Under these circumstances, it is of great importance to convey to all participants in the multilateral dialogue on the security of outer space activities the key idea that a serious discussion on ensuring free access to space, its safe use, the safety of space property and, in general, the sustainability and stability of space activities in the current context is simply impossible without addressing in a practical way the issues of preventing the placement of weapons in outer space.” – Andrey Malow discusses Russian approaches to PAROS.


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