My main achievement is that I have nothing to regret


MOSCOW. DECEMBER 11, 2020. PIR PRESS. “A generation of highly professional, but one-sided specialists is growing. I teach my students that everything that they do in the technical sphere can also have political consequences. Everything in society is interconnected.” - Alexander Fedorov, Member of the PIR Center Advisory Board.

EDITORIAL: The PIR Center continues to introduce you to those people without whom we would not be PIR Center - our colleagues, friends, experts who have made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of our organization at its various stages. Our guest today is Alexander Fedorov, Associate Professor of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, member of the PIR Center Advisory Board, who has closely worked with PIR Center for two decades. In 2001, he co-edited the collective monograph “Information Challenges to National and International Security”, which was published in the PIR Center Library series and was greeted with great interest worldwide.  Back then this work laid the foundation for the PIR Center Program in the field of global Internet governance and international information security.

The biography of Alexander Fedorov on the PIR Center website is rather brief: “Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Following his studies at Moscow State University, he worked in various government agencies, where he worked on disarmament and WMD nonproliferation issues. More recently he has been actively studying and working on international and information security. He is the editor and co-author of the monographs Information Challenges in National and International Security and Superterrorism: New Challenge for a New Century. PIR Center Advisory Board member since 2001.” Well, let's get to know each other better. 

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