The IAEA Voluntary Offer Agreement regarding the peaceful nuclear activities of the U.S. comes into force.



On Tuesday, December 7, a video call took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joseph Biden. The meeting comes at a difficult, yet interesting and eventful period in bilateral relations. In recent weeks, the Russian-American agenda has combined elements of tension and hostility with a glimmer of hope. On the one hand, Russia has faced accusations of seeking to escalate the situation in Ukraine, which have been accompanied by a major campaign in the American media and threats of new sanctions. On the other hand, some of the most recent signals contain potential solutions to the problems of the Russian-American dialogue, including in the field of arms control.


On November 25, PIR Center held the new Midweek Brainstorming session on the topic "State-level Concept and Politicization of the IAEA Safeguards System". Savva Nikulin, student of the Dual Degree M.A. Program Global Security, Nuclear Policy, WMD Nonproliferation (MGIMO University, MIIS, and PIR Center) presented for further discussion his report prepared within the internship at PIR Center. 


The seventh round of JCPOA negotiations kicked off in Vienna, having resumed after a five-month hiatus. The delegation of Ali Bagheri Kani submitted two draft resolutions, on sanctions and on the nuclear program, respectively. In sum, Iran is demanding a complete lifting of sanctions in exchange for halting its nuclear program. Can the JCPOA be revived this time?

Assistant Director of the Program "Global & Regional Security: New Ideas for Russia"

Vacancy code: E12: "Assistant Director of the Program "Global & Regional Security: New Ideas for Russia"

Program code: RUS

The volume and format of employment: In the state, or part-time, or at the GPA for 25% of the working time. Mixed remote-face-to-face format of work. Studying in Moscow is not an obstacle to applying for this vacancy.

Main duties:

• Participation in the implementation of the program "Global & Regional Security: New Ideas for Russia" under the leadership of the Program Director.

• Providing administrative and organizational assistance to the Program Director.

• Providing information assistance to the Program Director in the following areas of activity: global security issues; European security issues; materials for the Security Index yearbook.

• Maintaining a section on this Program on the website and on the organization's cloud server in Russian and English.

• Assistance to the Program Director in coordinating the issues of this Program with its consultants, interns, members of the Advisory Board.

Requirements for the candidate:

1) Higher education (completed or incomplete) according to the Program profile.

2) Studying in a postgraduate or master's degree with the topic of a scientific dissertation on the profile of the Program is a plus.

3) Experience of scientific, organizational, or informational work in the field of Russian foreign and defense policy (at least 6 months)

4) The experience of previous work or internship in the PIR Center is a significant plus

5) The experience of scientific editing is a plus.

6) The desire to work in an independent organization, a steady interest in the development of expertise in the field of global security and non-proliferation, public diplomacy in Russia

7) Knowledge of at least two foreign languages, including fluent oral and written English

8) Responsibility, efficiency, benevolence, stress tolerance, initiative, sociability

9) Performance of all work within the agreed time frame, punctuality

The application includes:

• Summary

• Motivation letter

• Recommendation (required if you do not belong to the PIR Community)

Start of work: from 05.10.2021

The application should be sent to the director of the PIR Center V. A. Orlov by e-mail: [email protected] no later than 27.09.2021. In the subject of the letter, you must specify the vacancy code and the program code, and in the motivation letter – the preferred employment format for the candidate.