While most of the countries remain concentrated on the Ukrainian crisis, there is a possibility of another crisis at the different edge of Eurasia. The potential troublemaker is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and its nuclear missile program, which has somewhat revived in recent times.


Negotiations to return to Iranian nuclear deal in recent weeks have noticeably stalled. The main reason for this is the discrepancy between the positions of Tehran and Washington on the status of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is extremely important for Iran both from a military and economic point of view. On this background, external players interested in the restoration of the deal became more active. First of all, this concerns the monarchies of the Persian Gulf.


The military situation in Europe against the backdrop of the ongoing Russian special operation in Ukraine remains tense. On May 1, joint exercises Defender Europe and Swift Response began in Poland and eight other NATO countries. These exercises said to be last until May 26. Up to 18 thousand servicemen from the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries will take part in them.


On April 28, the 113th Spring Session of the Trialogue Club International took place. It was dedicated to the topic “Hot Spring of 2022: Introduction to A New Global Insecurity, where the Ukraine events of early 2022, its potential consequences and future situation were discussed.

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